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Vaping for beginners

Hello and welcome to vaping for We are the vape house e cigarette company and we set up this blog with the intention to inform and educate people on vaping. So whether you’re completely new to the world of vaping or you already vape and are eager to learn more, we hope this blog will provide you with all you are looking for.
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What is an e cigarette?

A typical e cigarette, or e cig, is made up of several different components with the end result being to inhale and exhale flavoured vapour, similar to a cigarette, only without smoke, or known carcinogenic chemicals. There are various styles of e cigarette with each one producing different results, depending on the vapers personal preference. As you become more accustomed to vaping, you will continue to develop a sense of what you like, and the type of e cigarette you prefer. E cig starter kits are an ideal solution for those who may be a little overwhelmed by the vaping choices on offer. Vaping starter kits include all the components you need to begin vaping.

What is E liquid?

E liquid is a flavoured liquid made from glycerine, water and sometimes nicotine.

Where did e cigarettes come from?

E cigarettes originally started in china, after Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik created the first in an attempt to quit his own heavy smoking habit; the dangers of smoking became all too real to Lik after his father died of lung cancer. The concept of the electronic cigarette was actually invented by Herbert A Gilbert in 1963, however Lik turned it into a reality based on his own personal vision.

How do E cigarettes work?

Different types of e cigarette produce different results, varying in flavour, vapour production and what experienced vapers like to call ‘throat hit’ which is the intensity of the flavour and level of heat the vapour has when it reaches the back of the throat. E cigarettes work by transforming e liquid into vapour, which the vaper can then inhale. To understand how vaping works and the products you will need to begin it’s best to look at each basic component separately...


The atomizer one of the most essential parts of an e cigarette, without it an e cigarette would simply not work.

Modified and advanced versions of atomizers are known as cartomizers and clearomizers, however the standard atomizer is Great for:

• Vapers who love to change flavours quickly
• Vapers looking for a low cost option
• Beginners looking for an easy to refill option

The atomizer is a battery powered heating element; it heats up the coil, which then heats up the e liquid-saturated wick to create vapour. Atomizers can be used without wicks, by dripping your e juice directly onto the coil, however this means the user is limited to the number of drags they can take, before the need to drip on more e liquid. Just like all other e cigarette components, there are various types of atomizers available, each offering a unique vaping experience. With atomizers, the main variant is the resistance of the coil which is measured in ohms. To put it simply, the lower the resistance (or lower ohm) the warmer the vapour and vice versa.

Clearomizers and Cartomizers

Clearomizers and Cartomizers are basically enhanced versions of the original atomizer.

Cartomizers are great for:

• Vapers looking for an inexpensive convenient option
• Vapers looking for an easy refill option
• Vapers looking for a way to hold more e juice

Some cartomizers come pre saturated with e liquid, making them a convenient and cost effective option for many vapers. The downside to cartomizers however is that some believe the synthetic material affects the taste of the vape. Cartomizers were originally designed as a disposable vaping option, however cartomizers can be refilled, or even used as plain atomizers after the polyfil burns out.

Clearomizers are transparent tanks that hold your e liquid and disperse it gradually onto the atomizer.

Clearomizers are Great for:

• Vapers who don’t want the hassle of refilling or ‘dripping’ their e liquid often
• Vapers who don’t want to carry round a bottle of e liquid
• Vapers who want to customise their flavour intensity and throat hit
• Vapers who want to customise the heat of their vape

Vaping Device

The vaping device is the piece of equipment that houses all the components. A typical vaping device will include a mouthpiece to draw the vapour from and either be a box or tube shape. More advanced vaping devices will include controls that allow the vaper to change the wattage output and other features.


Each vaping device will include a battery. The battery will either be a chargeable fixed battery or a replaceable battery. The battery supplies the power to heat up the e liquid and create vapour. The type of battery you choose will determine the overall experience of the vape, and it’s always important to make sure you are using the right battery for your chosen device. For more detail on choosing the right battery, the types of battery available and how each battery works to produce different results, continue to check out our full site blog.


The coil sits inside the atomiser. The electric current generated from the battery flows through the coil and creates heat, the hot coil heats up the e liquid saturated wick, thus creating vapour ready to inhale. The resistance of the coil determines how much heat it will produce. Higher resistance coils require less battery power and will allow for longer battery life but a cooler vapour and possibly a less dense flavour. Lower resistance coils will generate more heat as they allow more electricity to pass through, typically resulting in an intense flavour and a hotter vapour, however the battery will become drained more quickly and more e juice will be used in a shorter space of time.


E cigarette wicks can be made from various materials, ranging from synthetic to organic. At the vape house we are suppliers of cotton bacon. Cotton bacon is extremely popular amongst vapers, it’s 100 percent cotton material supplied in a flat compressed shape, ready to use. The wick is the part of the e cigarette that soaks up the e liquid before it becomes heated by the coil and transformed into vapour.

To achieve the optimum vaping experience, trying and testing different vaping equipment and flavours will achieve the best results as what works for one experienced vaper may not work for another.
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